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Baking Montreal-style bagels is a unique craft, involving many specific steps and requiring special environment: fairly low baking temperatures (in comparison to a pizza oven) with proper temperature differences across the oven’s hearth, and proper temperature relationship between the hearth and the vault. There is also a specific way bagels are baked: in rows, on planks, and flipped several times. All these requirements demand a very specific oven. For this reason, it is not possible to properly bake bagels in a pizza or bread oven, it has to be a bagel oven.

At Stovemaster, we have designed and built number of bagel ovens of various sizes for Montreal-style bagel bakeries Canada- and Worldwide. We have worked with owners of the very successful bagel bakeries, including collaboration on an overseas project with the most famous St. Viateur Bagel bakery from Montreal. Our bagel ovens are designed and built considering the best current oven technology and the best available industrial materials, while preserving all the important unique characteristics and supporting the traditional way of baking.
In addition to designing and building for new bakeries, we have done troubleshooting and work for improvement and repair of old bagel ovens, built by others, in a number of bakeries. We receive reports on drastic improvement in oven performance after our work is completed. Some bakeries report reduction of firewood consumption up to 5 times in comparison to the original oven. All report improvements of baking quality. These facts show how a properly designed oven, built with contemporary materials can serve its traditional purpose with grace and efficiency, unseen in the old designs.

Over years of work with our clients, we have discovered that people, starting new bagel bakery, often need guidance of an experienced person in making their choices on size of the oven, layout of the bakery, proper equipment, etc. Our experience and knowledge, gained through relationships with our bagel oven clients, allow us to provide invaluable information, consulting our clients on many aspects of their new bagel business. If you are looking for a bagel oven for your new bagel bakery, you have come to the right place. Contact us to discuss your project ideas.

Take a look at an example of our work: a 6x9ft bagel oven, built for the new hip bagel bakery Best Ugly Bagel in Auckland, New Zealand.

Here is a short clip about construction of the oven:

For more examples of our bagel ovens, please visit our Brick Oven Gallery.

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