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Brick Oven FAQ

I am looking for a place to open a restaurant/bakery with a commercial wood-fired brick oven. What are specific requirements for such place?
Brick ovens are heavy and need solid foundation. They cannot be placed over wood structure. Ovens can be built on top of the existing concrete floor slab in commercial units, or on top of a masonry or structural steel base extending down to proper footings in buildings with basement below the main floor. Older buildings with wooden floors and basements underneath are among the worst possible locations since there is no space in the basement to do a masonry foundation and the only choice left is a custom-engineered custom-built steel support system. Cost of such system can be pretty high, adding few thousand dollars to the total oven cost.
Also, wood-fired ovens have to be vented through a dedicated chimney. They cannot be vented through an existing kitchen exhaust system. Therefore, location of the oven must provide possibility to run the chimney as close to the vertical line as possible. Although up to two changes in direction are possible with stainless-steel chimneys, in general, 6ft would be the maximum distance between the chimney connection at the oven and the vertical chimney run if you want to use natural draft. With longer horizontal runs, you may need to use an Exchausto Chimney Fan to run your oven spillage-free. Note that Exchausto fans are pretty expensive starting at about $3000 for commercial applications. The ideal location chimney-wise is either a single-story building where the chimney could go straight up, or a location along outside walls facing sidewalk or back of the building. In the latest case, the chimney can be run along the outside wall of the building.
All this translates into the fact that the easiest and the cheapest way would be building an oven on top of the existing concrete slab in a single-story commercial unit or in a unit that allows for easy chimney installation along an outside wall. Therefore, if you are looking for a place for your restaurant, consider commercial buildings having these features.
Check with your municipality if they would allow a wood-burning oven at the particular address and a stainless-steel chimney at the selected location before signing the lease.

What is the cost of a commercial wood-fired brick oven?
Cost of an oven depends on many variables like style, size, method for chimney connection, finishing materials and design, location of the place, and construction conditions. Each case must be discussed and priced separately. Contact us for an accurate estimate.