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Design service testimonials

"We absolutely love it (the heater)! Still cannot believe how efficient it is at retaining heat. The drawings were great - the course by course drawings are priceless... The heater has turned out a great success and we are very pleased."

Scott Henderson, BC, Canada

"I would recommend your services to others without hesitation. You have been very patient, kind, and quick to answer questions. I really appreciate your considerable help to make this happen."

Chris Bowen, Wisconsin, USA

"I wanted to thank you for designing such a wonderful heater. Even though I have never laid one brick before, building mostly information systems, your clear instructions and over the phone guidance made it possible for me to complete this project with great success and satisfaction overall. My entire family is so grateful for those few hours that we spend every evening nowadays hypnotized by the spectacular fire instead of television. I cannot wait to get home to set the fire. The heater so far exceeded my expectations in terms of heat generation."

Eugene Vereshagin, NY, USA

"We have lit the stove for over 250 times now, for quite many weeks twice a day... It is our only source of heating and so far it is up to the task. We love our fine stove."

Eduardo Monteagudo, Spain

"We do enjoy our stove very much. It works well together with our rammed earth walls and we just loose about 1C during the night. The bench is the biggest hit and we have to shoo off the cat, because it is her favorite place. It get so-o hot, that we have to put a cushion down... Our mason was working off page by page and had no real problems with following. It was quite funny; our whole work crew was not convinced at all that the smoke would find its way out. So when we had our first fire, everybody was standing outside cheering, when the smoke appeared - very good draft. Cheers and thanks again for your ideas and support."

Petra Nielsen, BC, Canada