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Drawings for Self-Builders

With information about benefits of masonry heaters spreading around North America and the World in people's quest for a well-developed sustainable heating technology, more and more people look at having a masonry heater built in their new environmentally-friendly home or retrofitted into their existing dwelling. Sure, the best way would be getting in touch with an experienced heater builder and getting him to design and built a proper masonry heater. Many people, however, are faced with the following dilemma:

  • - Many people in North America and other countries are not within an area serviced by one of the heater masons. There could be experienced masons around, but they do not know how to build a masonry heater and often don't know what it is.
  • - Some people have tight budgets and cannot afford hiring a professional heater mason. They however, may possess basic masonry skills and feel being able to build a heater for themselves following good plans and sound advice.
  • - Companies in the immediate area offering masonry heater cores or hand-built masonry heaters cannot design a heater with desired characteristics.

These are the reasons why we receive many requests to do custom masonry heater design and construction drawings for self-builders. For now, we offer custom design service only and do not have a catalogue of pre-designed basic masonry heaters available. However, it is in our plan to create such catalogue in the future so people may have a choice of pre-designed standard models at a lower price or custom-designed unit for an accordingly higher price.

With our custom design service we provide not only design for the unit itself but rather a comprehensive heating solution for the house or area, often advising on the best layout, building materials and construction methods. Over the past years we have designed numerous heaters for self-builders located not only in North America, but all around the Word. You can check people's experience of our work in the Design Service Testimonials page

Our service creates a comprehensive easy-to-understand drawings package that includes very detailed drawings showing each brick where it belongs in plan, 3D views, 3D cross-sections and 3D sequence. We also include general recommendations, facing instructions, sample pictures, user's manual, and material list. We can design in either imperial or metric systems and use brick dimensions common in your area. Cost of the package includes 1hr of support during construction.

All heaters we design use firebox systems of the latest design tested in our heater lab. Operated according to our manual, our firebox design achieves very clean combustion in all units. Emissions are in the range of 0.6-1.5g/kg for particulate matter and 0.1-0.25% for CO emissions that is at or below levels of the tightest world standards. For example: EU has limit of 0.3% for CO emissions, and EPA-certified wood stoves must have particulate emission levels below 7g/kg for Phase I stoves, and 5.3g/kg for Phase II stoves. Our emissions of below 1.5g/kg are on the level with pellet stoves of the latest design. For more information on testing and test results you can visit Testing page.

Design service clients receive 5% discount on all Pisla hardware also available from Stovemaster making it a convenient all-you-need one -stop shopping option.

For compete list of terms and cost of the custom design and drawings service please visit Design Terms and Cost page.

Example of drawings:

Plan drawings:

3D Views:

3D Cross-sections: