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Project Types
Types of Stoves | Fireplace Conversion
•  Heaters - stoves in which heating is the one and only function.
•  Heating-cooking, heating-baking or heating-cooking-baking stoves.

Click on the image to enlarge These are, basically, heaters that may feature a cook top or a bake oven, or both. All these stoves have only one firebox.
•  Click on the image to enlarge Multifunctional stoves.

Stoves that can combine many different functions in a single stove. For example, a stove that heats, cooks, bakes, smokes food, has a built-in open fireplace, and produces hot water. Different custom combinations are possible.
•  Russian Bania stoves and sauna stoves.

Click on the image to enlarge These are the stoves specifically designed for heating and steam producing in Russian Bania or for heating dry sauna (Finnish style). These stoves are designed to create and maintain desirable temperature and humidity levels in the sauna/ steam room.
•  Heaters with a built-in open fireplace.

Click on the image to enlarge These stoves are designed for people, who want efficient heating by a masonry heater, but want to have an ability to occasionally operate an open fireplace. These heaters have a primary firebox with a small door that is in use all the time and provides heat for the entire stove. Open fireplace is built-in inside the heater the way it has all the walls heated by the gases of the primary firebox. It is basically the stove in the shape of a fireplace or a fireplace that radiates heat from its walls without having a fire..When you need an open fire, you stack wood and open the damper you go! An open fireplace!
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