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Our Services | Pricing Principles
Pricing for the complete or "core only" projects is usually done by project. Very unique projects impossible to estimate properly may be priced on "labor-and-materials" basis. Since many projects do not require extensive planning and drawing time, we do not charge custom design fee for most of our projects. However, design fee may be charged separately for complicated projects that require a lot of initial design time or for the projects that require detailed CAD drawings for permit or other purposes. Because each and every project we do is unique, it is impossible to create a universal "price tag" for our heaters and ovens. The price depends on many variables including size, hardware, materials and complexity of the facing, complexity of work, location etc. Please contact us to get an accurate estimate for your project. You may also find additional information on heater pricing including approximate costs of heater cores in our Articles, in Masonry Heater FAQ, and under Brick Ovens in regards to oven pricing.

We do travel to client's location if it is found mutually beneficial. Although our primary area is Eastern Canada, projects in other areas can be considered as well. If travel is involved, cost of traveling (cost of gas or tickets) is extra. The client also provides accommodation for the period of stay. Often it means staying at the client's place, which is acceptable and appreciated.

Depending on the nature of the project, our construction services may be charged by project or on the hourly basis. Contact us for an accurate estimate.

Custom design and consulting services are charged by an hourly rate. Our current rate is C$65/hour. Long distance phone calls, if involved, are charged at cost.

Pricing for custom design and drawings packages can be found at the "Drawings for self-builders" page.