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Commercial Bread Ovens

There is growing interest in wood-fired bread ovens as higher number of people, following the “slow food” movement, choosing healthier diets, and turning back to natural ways of cooking locally-produced organic foods, stimulate growth of the artisanal bread baking scene. We are witnessing re-birth of the true bread that represents conscious, thoughtful and artistic approach in the entire process of its creation. It is a delight to see such loaves penetrating market, represented exclusively by gluey “wonderbreads” just decades ago.

With demand for artisan-quality bread on the rise, more bakers consider starting their own artisan bakery with a high-mass wood-fired oven to give their bread unique properties, unachievable in standard gas or electric deck ovens. These bakers are faced with the task of finding a high-quality, reliable wood-fired commercial bread oven for their goals– not a small task, considering that knowledge of building such ovens, with exception of a handful of craftsmen, who are still carrying the craft, is almost non-existent in the North America.

After extensive research, some bakers, especially those, starting with a very small budget, arrive to an idea of building the oven themselves. This idea, although it seems like a doable task for some, most often turns into a huge challenge and sometimes in considerable time and money losses. This is no wonder, as any craft demands according knowledge and experience, and oven building IS a craft. Although self-construction of an oven may be feasible for the first small oven, used in developing and honing of the bread formulas, training and getting a feel for the business, we are absolutely sure that building a large commercial bread oven should be the task for an experienced oven builder.

At Stovemaster, we have accumulated broad knowledge and experience over years of construction of various ovens and all kinds of wood-fired appliances. Our knowledge of combustion and refractory materials allows us to be flexible enough for customizing any oven for any task. This can be seen in a wide range of our creations. We maintain personal relationship with all bakers, using our ovens, and with many of the best North American bakers, receiving constant feedback, used in further advancement of the oven craft. We also stay in close contact with several of the best oven builders worldwide. Such collaboration results in a very high level of the current oven technology, applied in all our projects. All the best that was ever developed in the field is gathered, considered and used in our work. We have built a number of direct-fired high-mass wood-fired bread ovens of different sizes. We can build single- and double-deck wood-fired ovens, directly-fired or with an external firebox. We have developed a design for a completely “white” double-deck oven with an external firebox, allowing virtual non-stop baking, high efficiency and very low emissions. All our ovens can be equipped with German-made cast-iron oven doors and professional Italian-made canvas bread loaders and manual scissor lifts.

Below, you can see some examples of our work. More examples and information can be found in the Brick Oven Gallery or in the Articles.

Acknowledging lack of experienced oven builders in many regions, we are willing to travel for commercial bread oven projects all over Canada or Worldwide if this is found mutually beneficial for us and our clients. Contact us for more information and to discuss your ideas.

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