STOVEMASTER - Custom Design and Construction of Masonry Heaters
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Certified Heater Mason
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"Work is love made visible."
Khalil Gibran

Our philosophy

There's an increasing lack of authenticity in the time we live in. Authentic things are replaced with fakes that just pretend to be genuine; hand-made things are replaced with impersonal mass products.

We believe in authenticity: in materials and in relationships. Our highly personalized service is built on principles of personal relationship and personal involvement.

We believe that sincere personal relationships with our clients have the utmost importance. Such relationships help us to reach deep understanding of client's unique situation, desires and needs; help to tailor the project accordingly, coming up with a unit that not only fulfills the requirements, but also reflects client's unique personality and tastes. We greatly appreciate relationships with our clients and consider them as one of the most important aspects of our work.

We believe in true craftsmanship, when result is true to material, form and function.

We believe that energy of a craftsman stays with the creation for years. We believe there is a remarkable difference between something that has been done with love and true care and something that was just put together without any personal involvement or attachment whatsoever. Such difference may be difficult to measure, but is easy to feel.

We are personally attached to our heaters and ovens. Everything we do is done with love, passion and care that come from the bottom of our hearts.
Lenny's heater.