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The "System of Free Gas Movement" was born in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century. Professor V. E. Grum-Grzhimailo elaborated the basic theory. His follower, Podgorodnikov I. S. Ph.D., continued his work. In mid 60s, Igor Kuznetsov, another Russian engineer and mason, has continued the work on further development of the System. More than 4000 stoves where designed and built by Igor Kuznetsov and his team of masons since that time. He holds several patents on improvements in existing stove designs and continues his work within his vision of the System. His team of masons has grown to about 40 people and is currently serving Russia and Europe, building several hundreds stoves a year.

A relationship between STOVEMASTER and Igor Kuznetsov, started in 2002, brought advantages of the System of Free Gas Movement to North American customers. Design of all STOVEMASTER?s masonry heaters, stoves and boilers is based on major principles of the System.

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