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6 x9ft Bagel Oven for the Best Ugly Bagel, Auckland, New Zealand
This 6x9ft net baking area bagel oven for Montreal-Style bagels was built for the new hip bagel bakery Best Ugly Bagel in Auckland, New Zealand. The bakery is owned by a famous NZ chef Al Brown The famous and THE ORIGINAL St. Viateur Bagel bakery from Montreal was contracted as consultants for this project, providing advice during planning and training Best Ugly’s bakers in Montreal, and in Auckland. We were honored to work together with such professionals. Here is a short clip about construction of the oven: The oven is finished with artistic steel work over concrete block facing. The steel work is done by the Artistry in Steel company from Auckland, NZ. It was an absolute delight to work with Al and his wonderful team on this project, and our experience with the beautiful land and its people was extraordinary.