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Commercial Brick Ovens

We build commercial brick ovens of any shape and size for any purpose. We have experience with heavy bread ovens, Montreal-style bagel ovens, dome and vault pizza and flat bread ovens. Our unique design, construction techniques and the highest level of craftsmanship result in unmatched quality, durability, and superior performance of our commercial ovens.

There is a lot of marketing hype around brick pizza ovens. There are statements that there are only two families in the world that can build true brick ovens and no one can achieve the same results even using the same materials and techniques… There are statements that only ovens built in Italy or Naples can perform well…. There are statements describing a particular construction material as “unique” and “organic”….

We do not believe in myths. Any oven owner falls in love with his oven regardless of its deficiencies, and as such any personal experience is very subjective. But subjective experiences aside, all really comes to a few basic facts, basic laws of physics and basic proportions/geometry. Considering this:
  • All modern refractory materials used in oven construction everywhere have very similar properties, and all are made from basic “organic” elements such as clay that come from earth;
  • An oven that is built with joints not exceeding 1/8”-3/16” is stronger than oven with ½”-1” joints that are filled with mortar or castable refractory;
  • An oven built with very thin joints offers superior steam retention during bread baking;
  • An oven built with tight joints has no material that can crumble out and fall down on your pies;
  • An oven that has insulation sufficient to keep outside finished surface cool to the touch is more efficient than the oven that no one can touch without danger of burning skin;
  • An oven built with proper classic proportions of opening to the dome/vault height is more efficient and better performing than an oven with loading opening that disregards proper proportions;
  • An oven built using industrial grade thermal insulation keeps heat better than an oven insulated with vermiculite/perlite, sand or grog;
  • An oven built with industrial grade insulation under its hearth keeps heat better and bakes more evenly than oven that has no or poor insulation under the hearth;
  • An oven that is built using small bricks is more durable than an oven cast entirely of refractory concrete or constructed of large cast parts.

Subjective opinions and myths aside, you can see that you can have the highest quality oven built for you right here, in Canada or the US, without need to spend money and fossil fuels to bring the oven over the ocean. And the oven can be finished in any shape or material you like to match design of your restaurant …

As with all other services, we can either build you a "turn-key" oven or build insulated core and install the chimney only leaving the rest of work (foundation, base and finishing) to your builder/mason.

Since success of the entire business of a restaurant or bakery often depends on oven's performance, it is very important that oven’s characteristics are carefully selected according to the purpose and requirements of the chef. Unlike large companies that manufacture ovens, we work with our clients from the planning stage to the first fire, advising on the best location, discussing different options and characteristics, determining style and shape, creating the best possible tool for artisan baker’s creativity. Unlike large manufacturers, we are flexible enough to accommodate many custom requirements and are able to design ovens according to unique situation of each client. We believe that flexibility of design and highly personalized service are what makes artisan oven builders different from large oven manufacturers. Sometimes, people ask what is the reason for choosing a hand-built oven? The reasons listed above are just two of the many that you can check out at Why hand-built oven? page.

For basic information on planning your oven and pricing please visit Brick Oven FAQ.We strongly recommend that you read the Brick Oven FAQ before contacting us since you will have many of your questions answered there.

For detailed descriptions and construction photos of different ovens please check our Articles.

Note: Proportions on the pictures may be distorted by a wide-angle camera lens and do not represent actual shape or proportions.

Some restaurants and bakeries with our ovens:
  • - Pizza Defina, Toronto, ON. Pizza oven.
  • - Tennessee Williams Wood-Fired Pizza Joint, Ottawa, ON. Pizza oven.
  • - Viccino’s Pizza, Toronto, ON. Pizza oven.
  • - “The Bagel House”, Toronto, ON. Bagel oven.
  • - “Montgomery Inn” Museum, Toronto, ON. Bread oven.
  • - “The Bagel House”, Mississauga, ON. Bagel oven.
  • - “Tony’s Pizza”, Ottawa, ON. Pizza oven.
  • - “Evergreen Brickworks”. Community pizza oven, Toronto, ON
  • - “Bruce Wine Bar”, Thornbury, ON. Pizza oven.
  • - Fratelli Restaurant, Ottawa, ON. Pizza oven.
  • - “Johnny Pepper’s”, Niagara Falls, ON. Pizza oven.
  • - Fratelli Restaurant, Kanata, ON. Pizza oven.
  • - “Lui’s Family Restaurant”, Baldwin, ON. Pizza oven.
  • - “Nu Bugel”, Toronto, ON. Bagel oven.
  • - “Humble Bread”, Picton, ON. Bread Oven.
  • - “Pizza All’Antica”, Ottawa, ON. Mobile pizza oven.
  • - “The Combine”, Simcoe, ON. Pizza oven.
  • - Stratford Chef School, Stratford, ON. Mobile pizza oven.
  • - “Leaven Bakery”, Victoria, BC. Bread oven.
  • “Fogo Inn”, Joe Batt’s Arm, Newfoundland. Masonry heater with built-in pizza oven.
  • - “Best Ugly Bagel”, Auckland, New Zealand. Bagel oven.
  • - Georgian bread bakery, San Francisco, CA. 5ft diameter Toneh (tandoory-style) oven.
  • - "Kebab 49", Etobicoke, ON. Pita bread oven.
  • - "Sultan Restaurant", Toronto, ON. Pizza oven.
  • - "Sofi's Oven", Waterloo, ON. Pita bread (manakeesh) oven.
  • -"Best Ugly Bagel", Newmarket, New Zealand. Bagel oven.
  • - "Steelcroft Bakery", St.Joseph Island, ON. Bread oven.
  • - Muskoka Marriott Resort, Minnet, ON. Pizza oven.
  • - "Bagel Maguire", Quebec, QC. Bagel Oven.
  • - "Roberto's Pizzeria", Ottawa, ON. Pizza oven.
  • - "Backhouse" restaurant. Niagara-on-the-Falls, ON. Pizza oven and wood-fired grill.