STOVEMASTER - Custom Design and Construction of Masonry Heaters
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Design Terms and Cost

A complete drawings package for a single-story heater costs anywhere from $350 to $500 depending on heater size and complexity. For example, drawings packages for medium to large heaters with output of 18-30KBtu hr with a bake oven are $500; for the same heaters without bake oven - $400. Drawings packages for smaller heaters are $350. Design of very small heaters can cost less. Design and drawings for multistory units are more expensive and are priced individually. We provide an estimate for every case once we know what heater we are designing. A standard package includes very detailed drawings showing each brick where it belongs in plan, 3D views, 3D cross-sections and 3D sequence. We also include general recommendations, facing instructions, sample pictures, user's manual, and material list. Please note that the cost covers some discussions of different versions, but pays mostly for drawing time. Therefore, discussion of different options should be kept reasonable or we would have to be compensated for additional time spent designing different versions. The package includes 1hr of support during construction via email. This typically covers all questions that might arise if conversations are kept short and to the point. Please note that teaching the basics of refractory and general masonry is beyond our service; anyone attempting to build a heater must have basic masonry skills.

Drawings are prepared after you express your readiness to make the order. Completed drawings package is emailed or CD is mailed only after full payment is received. Contact us for the currently accepted methods of payment. We typically need at least a couple of weeks notice to get drawings ready. Although our preferred method of delivery is e-mail (compressed file), it is also possible to mail a CD with the package. Cost of mailing will be added to the cost of the package in this case. Please note that although heaters designed by Stovemaster comply with ASTM 1602 and will operate properly if built exactly according to the drawings, we have no way of controlling construction process and therefore, responsibility for the final product including, but not limited, to safety, compliance with local regulations and structural integrity, lays with the client or his/her representatives (builders). Your order will indicate your agreement with the above terms and the terms page will be included in the package.