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Semi-pre-cast brick ovens

In desire to make brick ovens more affordable, we came up with a unique creative design for semi-pre-cast brick oven cores that offer first-class brick oven quality at considerably lower cost. Price of our ovens delivered and installed in the Greater Toronto Area is lower than the smallest pre-cast oven core of good quality available on the market before shipping and installation. This is achieved by design features that allow one-day oven assembly for most of our priced oven cores.

Main design features:

  • Vault and hearth - the major parts that are exposed to highest levels of thermal shock, are built from the most durable material: firebrick.
  • Hearth is insulated with 2000F industrial insulating firebrick that allows high insulation value and great structural stability.
  • Pre-cast refractory concrete pieces are limited to sidewalls and chimney transition only.
  • Semicircular vault is self-supporting that eliminates need for steel harness. Bricks in the vault are fully bonded in running bond for high structural strength.
  • Location of the loading opening in the vault creates excellent shape for combustion, allowing long flames to “hug” entire ceiling all the way to the opening without breaking at right corners.
  • 17” distance from hearth to the peak in semicircular vault our ovens bake efficiently and evenly.
  • Firebrick in the hearth is laid in clay mortar, creating very smooth surface without bumps and steps common with large tile hearths. Any firebrick in the hearth can be easily replaced if ever needed.
  • Firebrick hearth has expansion joints around the edges for longevity of the oven’s hearth and added structural stability.
  • Chimney transition is smooth and is sized to match standard 8”x12” clay flue tile.
  • Use of the same pre-cast pieces for all oven widths allows great flexibility with sizing while keeping cost low.
  • With 4 ½” of the vault thickness and 4” of sidewalls thickness, the oven has enough mass for bread baking and keeps heat for many hours.
  • Ovens are suitable for any task: high- and medium-temperature pizza and flat bread baking, bread and pastry baking, grilling, stewing, frying, smoking, slow-cooking and drying.

Major advantages:

  • The highest value on the market: by far, the largest cooking area for your dollar.
  • With all major parts built from firebrick, our oven cores are as close to hand-built all-brick ovens as possible without paying high price.
  • Firebrick in the vault and hearth make the oven much more durable than solid cast cores or cores built completely from pre-cast pieces. Smaller units offer greater flexibility: bricks can move with heat without breaking and developing significant cracks. Joints between bricks work as stress-relief joints limiting cracking to insignificant hairline.

Picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at the oven assembly to follow all stages in construction and to see the oven in use:

Pre-cast pieces.

The first sidewall is set in place.

Form is set in place for vault construction.

Beginning of the vault construction. Steel angle over loading opening is installed.

The vault is completed. Form removed.

Completed vault. Side view.

Insulated firebrick is installed. Ceramic fiber expansion gasket can be seen around the brick in the floor assembly.

Insulated firebrick is installed. View through the loading opening.

Chimney transition pieces are installed.

Close-up of the chimney transition top piece.

Firebrick hearth is set in place. Brick are laid in clay mortar.

Pre-cast sidepieces from right hand side are set in place. The core is completed.

Close-up of the loading opening and chimney transition.

Look inside completed oven core.

Back of the vault as seen through the loading opening.

Chimney liners are set in place.

Oven is fired.

Flame is "hugging" the whole width of the vault.

And here is the perfect pizza baking….

Check complete listing of all our residential models below and book your oven installation THIS SEASON to avoid paying extra 8% tax with HST the next summer!

Model Depth Width Net baking area
(square inches)
Price without
chimney base
Price with
chimney base
Outside dimensions
without chimney base with chimney base
SM-01 45" 27" 1215 $2 000,00 $2 300,00 36"x55.5"x26.5H 36"x60.5"x26.5H
SM-02 45" 31.5" 1417 $2 200,00 $2 500,00 40.5"x55.5"x26.5"H 40.5"x60.5"x26.5"H
SM-03 45" 36" 1620 $2 400,00 $2 700,00 45"x55.5"x26.5"H 45"x60.5"x26.5"H
SM-04 45" 40.5" 1822 $2 600,00 $2 900,00 49.5"x55.5"x26.5"H 49.5"x60.5"x26.5"H
SM-05 45" 45" 2025 $2 800,00 $3 100,00 54"x55.5"x26.5"H 54"x60.5"x26.5"H
* Loading opening for all models is 18"W x 10"H; vault's height is 17" at the peak.

Prices for all models are for the refractory oven core only that should be installed on a masonry or suitable steel base of a proper height. Oven base, insulation around oven, chimney parts and finishing materials are not included. Any installed oven model from the list includes insulation under the oven’s hearth (under firebrick floor).

All models are suitable for in-door or outdoor applications. In-door applications must be planned to maintain proper clearances to combustibles. Contact us before planning your in-door oven layout.

Prices assume installation over level surface. $150.00 leveling fee is added if the surface is out of level within ¾”. Leveling surfaces that are out of level more than ¾” is priced according to the required leveling work.

Professional base and finishing work is available upon request. “ Turn key” service is also available. Contact us for an estimate for any or all parts of your in-door/outdoor oven project!

Commercial users: All above listed oven models are designed for residential use only. Commercial heavy-duty ovens require additional design features and will be priced individually upon request.

*    Installations in other areas are also possible. Prices will be adjusted according to travel and other requirements. Contact us to get a price for installation in your area!

Note: STOVEMASTER’s specialty is custom hand-built ovens and heaters. Please visit our Bread and Pizza Oven Page and Gallery for more information on custom projects.