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Design System
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The System has the following advantages over forced gas movement systems:
  1. Unbelievable flexibility of design, allowing creating stoves of almost any shape and size. In comparison with limited length and shape of channels in forced movement systems, there are virtually no limitations here.
  2. Principle of operation where only the cooler gases are exhausted into chimney, allowing the hotter ones to stay inside for much longer time. This increases overall efficiency and lengthens heat retention time after the fire is gone. Our testing has shown that our heaters can reach efficiency level of 82% that is much higher than efficiency of heaters built in other systems of design.
  3. Low resistance to the gas flow. Simply put, our heaters can operate successfully on chimneys of smaller diameters than required for successful operation of forced gas movement stoves.
  4. Combination of various functions in a single stove impossible in other systems. For instance, a single firebox heater with a cook top; a heater with a built-in open fireplace; a heater with a full-size heated bed and others.
  5. 1.Possibility to locate water heat exchanging coils in multifunctional stoves and boilers outside of the firebox. Such placement maintains high combustion temperatures, thus enabling to use energy of the fuel in full and keep emissions at minimum level.