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Bakery Equipment

Stovemaster Ltd is an exclusive dealer for the canvas bread loaders and manual scissor lifts for loaders, manufactured by the Italian company Atrepan S.r.L., in the North America. We are proud to represent Atrepan S. r. L. on our continent. Atrepan has 30 year experience of manufacturing bakery equipment, producing professional equipment of the highest quality.

We are offering canvas bread loaders of different sizes with matching scissor lifts. While we keep a certain stock of loaders and lifts of different sizes, we can always order any equipment of custom dimensions for your application.

Brief description of a canvas bread loader: a device, allowing fast and effortless loading and unloading of an entire oven-deep row of bread in a single motion. Here is a short clip, showing a loader in use: We design our commercial wood-fired bread ovens for use of these bread loaders.

Brief description of a manual scissor lift: a device for lifting a bread loader to several pre-set and adjustable heights for multi-deck ovens, for moving loader between oven doors, while providing support for the loader and the hooking point for the canvas. Here is a short clip, showing such lift in use: such lifts are a must for multiple-deck ovens, but can also be used with single-deck ovens, with height adjusted to convenient working height for the baker, while setting and scoring the bread.

Here is a clip, showcasing entire range of equipment, manufactured by Atrepan S.r. L.

Contact us for the most recent price list for the stock items or for a quote for any custom equipment.

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