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Certified Heater Mason
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- How long does a masonry heater stay hot?
- 48" Commercial Brick Pizza Oven - Form-Free Construction.
- 45"x63" High-Mass Commercial Bread Oven.
- International Heater Workshop with MHA member Alex Chernov in Ete, Hungary. Conducted July 4-11, 2009
- Bell heaters: applications for brick bake oven/fireplace combinations.
- Masonry Heaters: Planning Guide for Architects, Home Designers and Builders.
- Low-cost masonry heaters - Tips from a heater builder.
- Conversion of an existing vaulted grill oven to an indirectly fired flat bread oven.
- Time and money saving tips for achieving "dry-laid" look for real stone heater facing.
- 60" diameter commercial brick pizza oven - form free construction.
- 63"x63" Montreal-style Commercial Bagel Oven.
- 6 x 10ft High-Mass Wood-Fired Commercial Bread Oven.