STOVEMASTER - Custom Design and Construction of Masonry Heaters
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Certified Heater Mason
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"We absolutely love that heater... I have never felt better about spending money with some one who did such a great job spending time with me. Thank you very much for your craftsmanship and fellowship you created in our home as well as our hearts."

Rick and Dena Greenfield, Keokuk

".Thank you very much for making our dream to come true. It is impossible to describe how much we enjoy starting the fire every night after work and looking at the flames! Once more - thank you! "

Elvina, Toronto ON

"...I am glad to report to you that the oven works like a charm: looks better, fire up easily with a good draft, absolute no spillage under any situations, fast heat up from cold start, save at least 50% on firewood, excellent high even temperature all around, flame curved up in rigorous flame cleaning oven wall to original brick color,... The relocation of the throat, the new layer of firebrick hearth floor, the resizing of the opening and improvement in flue dynamics contribute greatly to the performance of the oven..."

Frank Hsu, Back Alley BBQ & Grill, owner, on pizza oven rebuilding. Toronto, ON

".We simply love our multifunctional stove. It is so nice to have cooking and baking options in the heater! Our house is warm and food is ready even if power is out, which happens time to time in our rural area.Our kids like to play on the heated bench, and everyone else loves it. It is truly a heart of our home. Thanks!"

Nataly, Caledon ON

" We recently had Alex build us a bread oven and it is the best thing we have ever done to our kitchen. Alex was wonderful to work with in the sense that he listened to what we wanted and then designed and built our oven to fit into the decor of our kitchen and to fit the needs of our lifestyle. We are using this oven to cook pies, bread, roasted veggies, meat, baked beans. It heats fast and holds the heat for two days. We love it and want Alex to come back and put another oven in our, soon to built, winery. Thanks Alex. "

Gwen and Neil Lamont, Coffin Ridge Winery, Owen Sound, ON
Lenny's heater.