STOVEMASTER - Custom Design and Construction of Masonry Heaters
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Why custom-built masonry heaters?

If you are building a house of your dream, it is most likely custom designed and custom built. Why? Because no existing plan and conventional building practices can suit your unique needs and desires. You want your house to stand out, to reveal your personality, your values and dreams. If you already took a step closer to your dream deciding on heating your house a sustainable way - by a masonry heater, why then settle for "one-suits-all" approach? Not much can be done with a standard prefabricated heater. Custom-designed and hand-built heaters offer great flexibility and can be tailored exactly to your needs and desires. It should be noted that in countries that had masonry heaters for centuries, vast majority of heaters were always custom-built providing the best possible heating solution for the particular situation.

There is a pretty common perception that custom-designed and custom-built heaters could be much more expensive than pre-manufactured ones. This is not quite correct, especially if you are looking at additional features such as heated benches or unusual bake oven location, not to mention unusual shapes that are often not possible with pre-fab cores if one wants to keep heater efficient. While heater core manufacturers charge premium for extras, in most cases we do not charge separate custom design fee. All our heaters, unless specifically requested otherwise by clients, are top-vented, which saves money and space eliminating need for a free-standing bulky masonry chimney next to the unit. Contact us to discuss your needs before making your decision and compare our offer with what is available from heater manufacturers. Most of the times you will find that in contrast to pre-manufactured heater cores we can design and build your heater according to your dreams.